Providing You Access to More Than 3,000 Business Buyers

Business Buyer Directory is a leader in the referral of lower M&A middle market businesses for sale with at least $1MM of annual earnings. We are paid via a buyer paid, 1% success-only referral fee. If you are an active M&A professional, an attorney, accountant or trusted adviser, we are here to help you find the “right” business buyer at NO COST.

We provide business sellers, or their representative, with access to more than 3,000 business buyers including: Private Equity Groups, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, High Net Worth individuals and Corporations seeking add-ons. Our business buyer relationships are kept confidential, with buyer’s purchase criteria classified within over 10,000 specific industry niches via our proprietary buyer’s database. Existing business holdings are also classified for Add-On’s.

Referring a Business

Business Buyer Directory is 100% paid by the purchasing buyer via a “buyside”,  success-only referral fee. There is never any cost for our business seller to refer a business for sale through us.

Since 2004 we have helped hundreds of M&A professionals, attorneys, accountants, trusted advisors to business owners to source qualified business buyers for their selling clients.

Important to Know

  • We are not a business broker or NASD SEC registered broker dealer
  • We only refer businesses with GREATER THAN $1 Million of annual EBITDA
  • Many businesses referred have a M&A intermediary representing the seller
  • We NEVER share fees with a seller agent/ representative
  • We NEVER receive any compensation from the business seller
  • We are not a representative or agent of either business sellers or buyers
  • We do not give any transaction advice and only refer companies for sale
  • Our buyer-paid, success-only fee ranges between 1% and 2% of total transaction value
  • Maintaining confidentiality throughout our referral process is paramount

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