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Pallet Manufacturing and Services

53 Buyers


Frozen Food Manufacturing and Distribution

164 Buyers


Material Handling Services

162 Buyers


Asphalt and Paving Services

46 Buyers


Landscaping and Lawncare Services

161 Buyers


Roofing Services

98 Buyers


HVAC Services

198 buyers


IT Management Services

249 buyers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s how we help you find relevant buyers and sellers.

BBD uses its own proprietary database of business buyers, along with granular industry, sector, and vertical criteria.  We don’t do web-scraping.  Instead, we communicate directly with each firm to understand their target industries.  Finally, we validate and supplement our proprietary database with other 3rd party datasets.  

We use a mix of publicly available and proprietary sources to find businesses for sale.  Business owners and sellers can submit their business for sale for free at any time.

Two methods:

  • Success-only Buyer Fees: If a business buyer has an interest in a specific business, we ask the buyer to sign an industry standard referral fee agreement with us (usually 1% of the transaction value).  Once the buyer agrees to that, we send them more information on the company of interest and connect them to the company’s broker/advisor. 
  • Customized Buyer Lists: BBD sells customized buyer lists to help sellers close faster.  Sellers value BBD’s proprietary, granular coverage of private equity and family office industries of interest. 
Business Buyer Directory (BBD) is not a business broker. BBD is not FINRA/ NASD registered. BBD provides only seller contact information, no advisory or brokerage services.