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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
August 31, 20180831201801SO CALIFORNIAPER DIEM / TRAVEL NURSES STAFFING$4,050,000$1,230,000Yes1%Travel & Per Diem Temp Nurses StaffingSoCal Per Diem Nurses 8 31 2018
September 7, 20180905201801MID-SOUTH USAIT SERVICES - ADD ON$13,309,564$1,316,521Yes1%IT Services Regional Add-OnS IT Services 9 7 2018
September 7, 20180907201802TENNESSEEDISASTER RESTORATION SVCS ADD-ON$4,900,000$1,286,000Yes1%Disaster Restoration Services - Add-OnSE Disaster Restoration 9 7 2018
September 13, 20180913201801NEW YORKFULL INTEGRATED COSMETICS MFR / DISTRIBUTOR$6,500,000$1,700,000Yes1%Cosmetics Mfr / Dist Fully IntegratedNE Cosmetics 9 12 2018
September 13, 20180913201802SoCALCOMM CONCRETE PUMPING SVCS$12,338,574$4,020,999Yes1%Concrete Pumping ContractorSoCal Concrete Pumping 9 13 2018
September 14, 20180914201801SoCALMAJOR REGIONAL COMMERCIAL BAKERY$10,000,000$1,000,000Yes1%Major Commercial BakerySoCal Major Bakery 9 14 2018
September 18, 20180918201801WISCONSIN270 BED ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITIESTBDTBDYes1%Assisted Living CommunitiesMW Assist Living 9 18 2018
September 20, 20180920201801NEW YORK METROFIBER OPTIC / TELEPHONY INSTALL$20,000,000$7,000,000Yes1%Fiber Optic & Telephony Install NE Fiber Optic Svcs 9 20 2018
September 26, 20180926201801NORTHEAST USADISTRIBUTOR: NUTS SEEDS & DRIED FRUITS$47,000,000$27,000,000Yes1%Distributor of Seeds & Nuts & Dried FruitsNE Dried Foods Dist 9 26 2018
September 26, 20180926201802NORTHEAST USA TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SVCS$7,830,000$1,550,000Yes1%Traffic Control Management SvcsNE Traffic Mgt Svcs 9 26 2018
September 30,20180930201801SOUTH CAROLINA(13) FUEL / CONVENIENT STORE LOCATIONS$11,423,521$3,162,859Yes1%(13) Gas Stations with Convenience StoresSE 13 Fuel Stations 9 30 2018
October 2, 20181002201801NORTH CAROLINALONG TERM CARE PHARMACY$26,900,000$2,292,705Yes1%Profitable LTC PharmacySE LTC Pharmacy 10 2 2018
October 5, 20181005201801SOUTH FLORIDAADDICTION REHAB TREATMENT CENTER$6,700,000$1,200,000Yes1%Addiction Rehab CtrSE Rehab 10 4 2018
October 17, 20181017201801TENNESSEEFULL IT SERVICES$16,500,000$2,100,000Yes1%Full IT Services ProviderSE IT Full Services 10 17 2018
October 17,20181017201802TEXASEXCAVATION & UNDERGROUND UTILITY CONTRACTOR$30,694,312$3,963,282Yes1%Contractor: Excavation and Utilities UndergroundSW Contractor Excavation Utility 10 16 2018
October 19 20181019201801NORTHEAST USAPRECISION LASER CONTRACT MFR$12,000,000$2,500,000Yes1%Contract Manufacturer: Precision Laser PartsE Laser Contract Mfr 10 19 2018

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