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Business Buyer Directory, LLC refers established companies for sale, with GREATER THAN $1MM of EBITDA, for a nominal, buyer paid, “success only” referral fee. We maintain the largest database of pre-qualified business buyers within the M&A industry. We welcome new business buyers for no cost or obligation.

Business OWNERS and SELLERS can submit their business for sale FREE. Business Buyer Directory, LLC DOES NOT represent these business sellers. Below listed companies for sale are only a small portion of companies we refer to business buyers

Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
February 1, 20200201202001NEW YORKLARGE HOME CARE AGENCY (LHCSA)$67,600,000$6,000,000Yes1%Large Home Care Agency 30% CDPAPNE Home Senior Care Network 2 1 2020
February 4, 20200204202001CALIFORNIALARGE CONCRETE REPAIR / PUMPING CONTRACTOR$14,626,264$4,183,293Yes1%Large Concrete Repair & Pumping ContractorW Concrete Contractor 2 3 2020
February 6, 20200206202001IDAHOCONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR - WATER SYSTEMS$10,000,000$2,250,000Yes1%Large Underground Water Systems ContractorInterMtn Contractor Water 2 6 2020
February 6, 2020 020620202NE USALARGE IT STAFFING SVCS PROVIDER$37,471,667$3,670,883Yes1%Major IT Staffing Services LeaderNE IT Staffing 2 6 2020
February 13, 20200213202001FLORIDAON-LINE TRAINING - BUSINESS SKILLS$2,065,513$1,450,024Yes1%On-Line Business Skills Training & CertificationsSE OnLine Business Training 2 13 2020
February 13, 20200213202002TEXASCONTRACT MFR: CONDIMENTS & SAUCES$16,400,000$1,900,000Yes1%Large Condiments, Sauces & Dressings Contract MfrSW Contract Condiments Mfr 2 12 2020
February 18, 20200218202001TEXASCUSTOM OIL & GAS EQUIPT & TANKS MFR$12,700,000$2,185,000Yes1%Custom Mfr: Oil & Gas Industry Equipment & TanksSW Oil Gas Equipt Mfr 2 18 2020
February 19, 20200219202001SOUTHERN USALARGE TIMBER PROCESSOR$8,000,000$3,500,000Yes1%Timber Processing Services ProviderS Timber Processor 2 19 2020
February 20, 20200220202001FLORIDAMULTIPLE ENVIRO SERVICES PROVIDER$8,583,000$1,493,000Yes1%Leading Regional Environmental Svcs ProviderSE Enviro Svcs 2 20 2020
February 22, 20200220202002SOUTHEAST USARETAILER / DEVELOPER OF SUPPLEMENTS$5,649,999$1,836,182Yes1%123 Retail Locations of SupplementsSE Supplements 2 22 2020
February 23, 20200223202001TEXASPROFITABLE CUSTOM METAL PART FAB - OIL/ GAS/ CONSTRUCTION$16,286,362$1.935,719Yes1%Custom Metal Parts Fab - Oil/Gas & ConstructionSW Metal Parts Mfr 2 23 2020
February 27, 20200227202001ALABAMACOMMERCIAL HVAC CONTRACTOR$6,700,000$1,500,000Yes1%Leading Regional Commercial HVAC ContractorSE HVAC Contractor 2 27 2020
February 27, 20200227202002FLORIDASAAS: MORTGAGE BANKING & HEALTHCARE$5,525,000$2,101,000Yes1%SAAS: Mortgage Banking & Healthcare MarketsSE SAAS 2 26 2020
March 1, 20200301202001CALIFORNIADISTRIBUTOR OF SEMI CONDUCTOR PARTS$7,346,304$1,874,357Yes1%Distributor of Semi Conductor Related PartsCA Dist Semi Conductor Parts 2 29 2020
March 7, 20200307202001TEXASMUNICIPALITIES LIGHTING CONTRACTOR$21,739,029$2,167,503Yes1%Municipalities Contractor - Lighting SpecialtySW Municipalities Contractor 3 6 2020
March 11, 20200311202001USANATIONAL HEALTHCARE STAFFING$42,000,000$6,200,000Yes1%USA Healthcare Staffing ServicesUS National HC Staffing 3 11 2020
March 11, 20200311202002MIDWEST MORTGAGE BANKING SERVICES $7,758,667$2,643,768Yes1%Mortgage Banking ServicesMW Mortgage Banker 3 11 2020
March 22, 20200322202001FLORIDAPROFITABLE SCRAP METALS RECYCLER$13,895,640$9,182,152Yes1%Scrap Metals RecyclerSE Metals Recycler 3 22 2020
March 22, 2020 0322202002WISCONSINMEDICAL SUPPLIES DISTRIBUTOR$18,000,000$3,000,000Yes1%Medical Supplies Distributor to PharmaciesMW Medical Supply 3 20 20
March 24, 20200324202001MID ATLANTICLONG TERM CARE PHARMACY SVCS$22,700,000$1,40,000Yes1%Long Term Care Pharmacy ServicesMid Atlantic LTC Pharmacy 3 24 2020

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