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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
November 3 20221103202201ROCKIES USA"HEAVY" CIVIL CONSTRUCTION$70,000,000$8,800,000Yes1%Municipal/ Commercial/ Industrial MarketsMTN CIVIL CONTRACTOR 11 2 2022
November 3, 20221103202202SOUTHERN USAMFR OUTDOORSMAN APPAREL $10,000,000$2,838,000Yes1%Waders/ Boots/ Outdoor Apparel CA Outdoor Apparel 11 2 2022
November 3, 20221103202203USAVETERINARY THERAPEUTICS MFR$2,900,000$974,000Yes1%Plasma Antibodies for Animal ApplicationsUS VET THERAPEUTICS MFR 11 2 2022
November 3, 20221103202204CANADA TEMPORARY WORKFORCE HOUSING RENTAL$13,800,000$8,025,000Yes1%Established Major Customers on ContractCAN Temp Workforce Housing 11 3 2022
November 7, 20221107202201SE USABRANDED CARGO TRAILER MANUFACTURER$19,182,142$1,239,544Yes1%Well Established Brand and Growing Sales ChannelsSE Cargo Trailer Mfr 11 7 2022
November 7, 20221107202202MIDWEST USASOLAR SYSTEM CONTRACTING FIRM$8,700,000$4,700,000Yes1%High Demand Solar Energy Systems ContinuesMW Solar Systens Contractor 11 7 2022
November 8, 20221108202201WESTERN USA(10) COSMETIC BEAUTY BRANDS$12,900,000$2,540,000Yes1%Servicing (32) Countries WorldwideW Cosmetic Brands 11 8 2022
November 9, 20221109202201TEXASDIST OF LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES$4,850,000$1,340,000Yes1%20+ Years Established / Long Time Customers

SW Landscaping Supplies Dist 11 9 2022
November 10, 20221110202201SOUTHERN CALDIST OF SPECIALTY METALS$12,075,193$2,037,623Yes1%All Certs and Compliances in PlaceSoCAL Specialty Metals Dist 11 10 2022
November 11, 20221111202201STATE OF CALIFORNIAMULTIPLE SPECIALTY PHARMACIES$28,000,000$1,980,000Yes1%35+ Years Established and GrowingCA Multiple Pharmacies 11 11 2022
November 12, 20221112202201USA"TECH" BUILDINGS / ROOMS CONSTRUCTION$50,000,000$5,500,000Yes1%World Class Existing ClientsUS Tech Contractor 11 12 2022
November 16, 20221116202201FLORIDAURGENT CARE CHAIN$9,600,000$2,000,000Yes1%Continuous Growth via Continuous Location PopulationsSE Urgent Care Chain 11 16 2022
November 21, 20221122202201USA`LEADING OWN BRAND FURNITURE WHOLESALER$50,193,005$14,439,495Yes152,000+ Products - 100% E CommerceUS Furniture Retailer 11 21 2022
November 24, 20221124202201SOUTHERN CAL BASEDDISPOSABLE MEDICAL PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTOR$30,000,000$2,303,909Yes1%Excellent Add-On to an Existing Med Prdts DistributorSoCAL Medical Products Dist 11 24 2022
November 26, 20221126202201NORTHERN CALTECH STAFFING SVCS$11,200,000$1,419,163Yes1%Bay Area & National Tech Mkts CoverageNoCAL Tech Staffing Svcs 11 26 2022. Plate
November 28, 20221128202201MIDWEST USACORP & COLLEGIATE APPAREL MFR$59,990,006$3,329,997Yes1%Company has growth potential of 10X with new buyer $ fundingMW Apparel Mfr 11 28 2022
November 29, 20221129202201EAST COAST USALEADING SIGNAGE SERVICES PROVIDER$18,841,130$1,827,976Yes1%80+ Years of Full Signage ServicesE Sign Mfr 11 29 2022
December 1, 20221201202201SOUTHEAST USAMAJOR MEATS DISTRIBUTOR$46,997,635$5,300,000Yes1%Established 20 Years and GrowingSE MEATS DISTRIBUTION 12 1 2022
December 5, 20221205202201USARETAIL PET PRODUCTS FRANCHISOR$71,300,000$11,600,000Yes1%40 Year Growth HistoryUS PET SUPPLIES FRANCHISOR 12 5 2002
December 6, 20221206202201SE USACONSTRUCTION EXPEDITING & PERMITTING SVCS$5,000,000$1,800,000Yes1%Revenues: 70% Repeat BusinessSE CONSTRUCTION PERMITS EXPEDITING SVCS 12 6 2022
December 6, 20221206202202NE USADIVERSIFIED AGGREGATES SUPPLIER$13,000,000$2,600,000Yes1%Have Serviced Loyal Customers for 67 YearsNE AGGREGATE LANDSCAPE SUPPLIER 12 6 2022
January 10, 20230110202301SE USAWAREHOUSING/ TRANSPORT SVCSNot Given$25,600,000Yes1%Fast Growth Requires New Owner/ PartnerSE Trans Logistics Svcs 1 10 2023
January 12 20230112202301NE USADIVERSIFIED COMM & RESIDENTIAL SERVICES PROVIDER$17,446,789$4,953,648Yes1%Wide Diversity of Services and CertificationsNE MAINTENANCE REPAIR SVCS 1 12 2023
January 19, 20230119202301CANADAINDUSTRIAL EQUIPT LEASING SVCS$10,528,921$7,541,993Yes1%Strong Recurring $ RevenuesCAN Equipt Leasing 1 19 2023

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