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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
February 7, 2021207202101CENTRAL USAHARDWOODS PRODUCTS MFRReal EstateYes1%Hardwoods Products PlantCentral USA Hardwoods Plant Prop 2 7 2021
February 12, 202121202101MISSOURIALL CASH MEDICAL CLINICS$11,485,000$2,957,584Yes1%Regional Medical ClinicsMW Med Clinics 2 12 2021
February 13, 2021213202101FLORIDATHICK FILM MICRO CIRCUITS MFR$5,200.000$1,900,000Yes1%Thick Film Micro Circuits MfrSE Thick Film Micro Circuits 2 13 2021
February 14, 2021214202101SOUTHERN USAPATENTED BEDDING PRODUCTS MFR$13,000,000$3,500,000Yes1%Global MFR of Patented BeddingS Bedding Mfr 2 14 2021
February 22, 2021222202101TEXASIT STAFFING SVCS$13,500,000$1,200,000Yes1%IT Staffing ServicesSW IT Staffing 2 22 21
February 23, 2021123202101NORTH CAROLINAFULL SVCS HVAC CONRACTOR$11,814,299$1,040,895Yes1%HVAC ContractorMidAtltc HVAC Contractor 2 23 2021
March 1, 20210301202101SOUTHERN CALDRUG & ALCHOHOL ADDICTION RECOVERY$8,000,000$4,000,000Yes1%Addiction Recovery CenterSoCAL ADDICTION CTR 2 28 2021
March 6, 20210306202101SOUTHEAST USAFIRE & SAFETY SVCS$2,350,000$1,100,000Yes1%Highly Profitable & Growing Fire / Safety ServicesSE Fire Safety Svcs 3 6 2021
March 13, 20210313202101SOUTHEAST USADIST OF LAB & TEST INSTRUMENTS$10,933,000$2,387,000Yes1%Over 350 customers within 10 industriesSE Dist Lab Instruments 3 13 2021
March 16, 20210316202101PENNSYLVANIAARCHITECTURE SVCS$16,840,806$2,720,030Yes1%Full Services Architecture ProviderPA ARCHITECTURE 3 16 2021
March 19,20210319202101TEXASCLEANING EQUIPT RENTAL & SERVICES$15,786,000$5,622,000Yes1%Cleaning Equipment Services & RentalSW Clean Equip Rental 3 18 2021
March 21, 20210321202101NORTHEAST USAJANITORIAL CLEANERS MFR$36,378,218$15,000,000Yes1%Proprietary Janitorial Products MfrNE Janitorial Cleaners Mfr 3 21 2021
March 22, 20210322202101NORTHEAST USAMETALS DISTRIBUTION SVCS$15,175,158$2,749,874Yes1%Full Svcs Metals Distribution FirmNE Metals Dist 3 22 2021
March 26, 20210326202101SOUTHEAST USAHVAC CONTRACTOR$9,485,082$2,167,910Yes1%HVAC Regional LeaderSE HVAC Contractor 3 26 2021
April 5, 20210405202101SOUTHEAST USAINDUSTRIAL METAL FABRICATOR$8,101,316$1,630,784Yes1%Established/ Growing Industrial FabricatorSE Metal Fabricator 4 5 2021
April 12, 20210412012021CALIFORNIASTAINLESS STEEL SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR$9,8000,000$1,912,197Yes1%Full Services Stainless Components IntegratorCA Stainless Steel Integrator 4 12 2021
April 12, 20210412022021MIDWESTCOMM RENOVATION & SUPPLIES DIST$13,790,230$3,461,164Yes1%Commercial Renovation & Supplies DistributionMW Facilities Renovation Svcs 4 12 2021
April 12, 20210412032021ARIZONASAFETY EQUIPMENT
$7,304,859$2,479,064Yes1%Safety Equipment MfrSW Safety Equipt Mfr 4 12 2021

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