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Business Buyer Directory, LLC refers established companies for sale, with GREATER THAN $1MM of EBITDA, for a nominal, buyer paid, “success only” referral fee. We maintain the largest database of pre-qualified business buyers within the M&A industry. We welcome new business buyers for no cost or obligation.

Business OWNERS and SELLERS can submit their business for sale FREE. Business Buyer Directory, LLC DOES NOT represent these business sellers. Below listed companies for sale are only a small portion of companies we refer to business buyers

Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
August 15, 20200815202002NORTHERN CALDME SALES & SERVICES$11,600,000$2,150,000Yes1%DME Sales & Services ProviderNCAL DME Wheelchairs 8 15 2020
August 15, 20200815202003WESTERN USAELEC CAPACITORS MFR$13,500,000$1,716,000Yes1%Electronic Capacitors MfrW Elec Capacitors Mfr Dist 8 15 2020
August 16, 20200816202001NATIONWIDECELL SITES SERVICES PROVIDER$7,285,795$1,258,655Yes1%Cell Sites Services ProviderCA Cell Sites Support Svcs 8 16 2020
$9,900,000$2,075,000Yes1%Commercial Electrical ContractorSE Elec Contractor 8 18 2020
August 22, 20200822202001NE USAFREIGHT & RAILROAD LOGISTICS$5,360,601$1,761,317Yes1%Freight Logistics ServicesNE Transport Services 8 21 2020
August 22, 2020 0822202002SE USATECH PROJECTS MANAGEMENT SVCS$25,000,000$6,200,000Yes1%Projects Management Services - TechSE Tech Projects Mgt 8 22 2020
August 28, 20200828202001CALIFORNIA3rd PARTY LOGISTICS SERVICES$62,000,000$4,000,000Yes1%3rd Party Logistics Services ProviderCAL 3rd Party Logistics 8 28 2020
August 29, 20200829202001NEVADA(6) LOCATIONS MEDICAL GROUP$6,907,808$3,704,383Yes1%Multi Locations Medical Svcs ManagementSW Medical Group 8 29 2020
$25,000,000$1,327,000Yes1%Commercial Construction Services
SW Commercial Contractor 9 5 2020
September, 6, 202o0906202002MIDWEST USALANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR$18,000,000$1,300,000Yes1%Landscape Construction ContractorMW Commercial Landscaping Svcs 9 5 2020
September 13, 20200913202001ILLINOISCOMMERCIAL HVAC CONTRACTOR$31,063,227$4,543,805Yes1%Comm HVAC ContractorMW HVAC Contractor 9 13 2020
September 13, 20200913202002NE USAUTILITIES CONTRACTOR$6,100,000$1,900,000Yes1%Utilities ContractorNE Utilities Contractor 9 13 2020
October 8, 20201008202001NEW JERSEYWHOLESDALE DISTRIBUTOR$34,568,000$10,064,000Yes1%25 Year Wholesale Distributor1NE Wholesaler 10 4 2020
October 14, 20201014202001FLORIDAPRECISION MACHINER$3,249,000$1,076,000Yes1%Precision Machining Services SE PRECISION MACHINING 10 14 2020
October 15, 20201015202001NORTH FLORIDAELECTRICAL SYSTEMS BUILDER$8,142,829$2,694,683Yes1%Electrical Systems BuilderSE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS 10 14 2020
October 15, 20201015202002MIDWEST USANURSING STAFFING SERVICES$9,556,334$2,184,707Yes1%Nursing Staffing Services ProviderMW Nurse Staffing 10 14 2020
October 20 20201020202001TEXAS HIGH VOLUME METAL PARTS MFR$10,000,000$3,700,000Yes1%Fabricated Metal Parts ProducerSW Fab Metal 10 20 2020
October 23 20201023202001MARYLANDROAD SURFACES CONTRACTOR$4,770,000$764,000Yes1%Add On - Road Surfaces ContractorMid Atltc Road Surface 10 23 2020
October 23, 20201023202002MIDWEST USAPREMIER COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPER $14,000,000$1,500,000Yes1%Add- On Commercial LandscaperMW Comm Landscaper 10 22 2020
October 23, 20201023202003NORTHEAST USAPORTABLE IMAGING SERVICES PROVIDER$5,600,000$1,300,000Yes1%Portable Imaging Svcs Provider NE Portable Imaging 10 22 2020

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