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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
August 13, 20220813202201NE USAMECH / HVAC CONTRACTOR$15,000,000$2,140,000Yes1%Extensive Capabilities with Years of Many SuccessesNE HVAC Contractor 8132022
August 14, 20220814202201TEXASFINTEC SOLUTIONS PROVIDER$87,619,000$4,335,000Yes1%Focus on Underserved Customer BasesUS Fintech 8 14 2022
August 14, 20220814022022WESTERN USAMEDICAL STAFFING & PRIVATE DUTY$14,000,000$2,300,000Yes1%Currently Billing 8,000 Hours/ Month/ Proprietary SoftwareW MED Services 8 14 2022
August 15, 20220815202201EASTERN USASPECIALTY TRAILERS MANUFACTURER$25,000,000$9,000,000Yes1%All Branded Trailers with 54% CAGR last 3 yearsE Trailer Mfr 8 15 2022
August 15, 2022081502202SOUTHERN CALLUXURY DETOX FACILITY$9,600,000$5,000,000Yes1%(12) Bed Facility for Prestigious ResidentsSoCal Detox Facility 8 15 2022
August 18, 20220818202201NE USASPECIALTY PACKAGING
$35,000,000$5,500,000Yes1%100% Remote Managed / Fortune 500 customersNE Packaging Supplier 6 18 2022
August 20, 20220820202201NEW YORK CITYCHAUFFEUR / LIMO SERVICES$8,842,855$1,671,970Yes1%Booming with Subway Use DownNE Chauffeur Limo Svcs 8 20 2022
August 23, 20220822202201SE USAMFR MUNICIPAL WASTE STATIONS$4,689,884$1,607,753Yes1%Significant SE USA Municipal Market GrowthSE USA Mfr Waste Stations 8 23 2022
August 24, 20220824202201NORTHERN CALIFORNIALEADING WINE INDUSTRY SUPPLIER$3,417,000$1,096,550Yes1%Fast Growth and Large Geographic ExpansionNoCAL Wine Bottle Supplier 8 24 22
August 23, 20220824202202USABIOTECH INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIES$53,800,000$13,450,000Yes1%Numerous New Disruptive Bio ProductsUS BioTech 8 24 2022
August 25, 20220825202201CALIFORNIAFULL SERVICES ALT ENERGY SYSTEMS$16,100,000$2,549,000Yes1%Comprehensive Alt Energy Services OfferedCA Alt Energy Svcs 8 25 2022
August 25, 20220825202202SE USAON DEMAND COMM CARGO AIR TRANSPORT SVCS$7,900,000$2,210,000Yes1%50+ Years Established Commercial Goods TransporterSE Air Cargo Transport 8 25 2022
$16,100,000$3,800,000Yes1%Critical Supply Chain ProductsMW Crate Pallet Packaging Mfr 8 26 2022
August 31, 20220831202201MIDWEST USA MAJOR STEEL CONST PRODUCTS MFR$35,056,080$4,414,585Yes1%Excellent $ Revenue DiversificationMW Steel Construction Products Mfr 8 31 2022
August 31, 20220831202202MIDWEST USAMACHINE OPERATOR SAFEGUARDS MFR$4,000,000$2,500,000Yes1%Extensive Products Use Diversity & Growth PotentialMW Machine Safeguarding Products 8 31 2022
September 6, 20220906202201BRITISH COLUMBIAINDUSTRIAL METAL COATING SVCS$36,000,000$7,978,000Yes1%Specializes in Hard Chrome Coating for Oil & Gas DevCAN Industrial Coating 9 6 2022
September 8, 20220908202201FLORIDAMEDICAL TESTING SERVICES$12,635,576$5,160,080Yes1%(7) Locations Within Population Growth MarketsSE Med Test Svcs 9 8 2022
September 9 20220909022022FLORIDACELL TOWER SERVICES PROVIDER$6,700,000$1,200,000Yes1%Complete Telecom Tower SerivcesSE Cell Tower Svcs 9 9 2022
September 12, 20220912202201USAVERTICALLY INTEGRATED MARKET RESEARCH SVCS$12,000,000$2,400,000Yes1%30%+ Average Annual Growth/ Past 8 yearsUS Mkt Research Svcs 9 12 22
September 13, 20220913202201MIDWEST USAENGINEERED TRUSS SYSTEMS MFR$30,520,070$5,511,072Yes1%Growing $12,000,000 Pipeline of BusinessMW Truss Mfr 9 13 2022
September 18 20220918202201SOUTHEAST USANATIONAL MED STAFFING SVCS$15,000,000$2,250,000Yes1%Virtual Employees with Strong Annual GrowthSE National Med Staffing Svcs 9 18 2022
September 19, 20220919202201MIDWEST USALEADING MULCH MFR$13,000,000$2,800,000Yes1%35+ Years of Services for a Diversified Customer BaseMW Mulch Mfr 9 19 2022
September 19, 20220919202202WA DC METROHVAC & PLUMBING CONTRACTOR$9,754,516$2,517,430Yes1%16+ Years EstablishedE HVAC Plumb Svcs 9 19 22
September 20, 20220920202201TEXASINTERNATIONAL OCEAN & AIR FREIGHT FORWARDER$55,928,000$6,049,000Yes1%Relocatable & Multiple Growth MeansSW INTNL OCEAN AIR FREIGHT FORWARDER 9 20 22
September 21, 20220920222101WESTERN USAVIRTUAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES$9,286,425$2,597,144Yes1%High Growth History with no geographic boundariesW Virtual Acctg Svcs 9 21 22
September 25, 20220925202201NEW YORK STATEE COM > DME & SUPPLIES$14,500,000$3,300,000Yes1%200,000 + Active CustomersNE DME E Comm 9 25 2022
September 26, 20220926202201USAMACHINING: TOOL ACCESSORIES & AUTOMATION$15,000,000$4,000,000Yes1%20+ Years of Successes, 135,000 Systems is UseUS Machining Systems 9 26 2022
September 28, 20220928202201NEW YORK STATEDISTRESSED ASSETS SALE TRUCKING/ LOGISTICS$17,000,000$5,000,000 Yes1%Virtual Managed/ Extensive Trans AssetsNE Distressed Trucking Svcs 9 28 2022

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