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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
Oct 4, 20211004202101WEST USACUSTOM THERMOFORMER & PACKAGING$18,500,000$2,744,000Yes1%Custom Thermoformer with Packaging ProductsW Thermoformer 10 4 2021
Oct 4, 20211004202102USAPATENTED MIXING TECHOLOGY$24,630,000$8,113,000Yes1%Patented Industrial Mixing TechnologyUS Mixing Tech 10 4 2021
Oct 4, 20211004202103CALIFORNIALARGE DME / MED SUPPLIES/ PHARMACY$60,000,000$12,000,000Yes1%Large DME/ Med Supply/ PharmacyCA Large DME Med Supply Pharma 10 4 2021
Oct 22, 20211022202101FLORIDASITE DEVELOPMENT CONTRACTOR$7,604,000$1,627,000Yes1%Site Developer in Growth MarketsSE Site Dev Contractor 10 22 2021
Oct 23, 20211023202101NORTH CAROLINAFULL SVCS METAL PARTS FABRICATOR$7,584,618$1,810,000Yes1%ISO 9001 Full Svcs Metal Parts FabSE Metal Fab 10 23 2021
Oct 28, 20211028202101MIDWEST USATRUCK TRANSPORT SVCS$22,968,000$4,389,000Yes1%Profitable National Truck Transport SvcsMW Transport Svcs 10 27 2021
Oct 29, 20211029202101NEW YORK STATESTRUCTURAL CONSTRUCTION$9,000,000$4,800,000Yes1%Profitable Contractor in NE USA NicheNE Structureal Contractor 10 29 2021
Oct 30, 20211030202101SE USAON-LINE OUTDOOR FURNITURE RETAILER$8,585,010$2,081,138Yes1%5 Year Growth History SE OnLine Patio 10 30 2021
Oct 31, 20211031202101NORTHWEST USAAGRICULTURE PERSONNEL SVCS$4,500,000$2,000,000Yes1%Profitable Growing Services ProviderNW Ag Personnel Svcs 10 31 2021
November 1, 20211101202101UNITED STATESGLOBAL METAL BUILDINGS MFR$70,000,000$4,200,000Yes1%(8) Billion Sq. Ft. of Buildings ProducedUS Steel Building Mfr 11 1 2021
November 1, 20211101202102SE USAIMPORTER/ DIST FRUITS & VEG's$26,400,000$2,400,000Yes1%Extensive Market RelationshipsSE IMPORT DIST FRUITS VEGS 11 1 2021
November 1, 20211101202103USAPATENTED INDUSTRIL MIXING TECHNOLGY$24,630,000$8,113,000Yes1%Unlimited Diverse Growth Potential WorldwideUS Mix Tech Products 11 1 2021
November 2, 20211102202101MIDWEST USACOMMERCIAL SEATING MFR$6,740,732$1,629,892Yes1%Owner RetiringMW Office Seating Mfr 11 2 2021
November 3, 20211103202101USAPATENTED MIXING TECH PRODUCTS$24,630,000$8,113,000Yes1%Protected Global Growth Potential US Mix Tech Products 11 1 2021
November 3, 20211103202102CANADAPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION "PE0"$36,400,000$2,300,000Yes1%Connects Canadian Talent with USACANADA PEO 11 3 2021
November 10, 20211110202101FLORIDAFULL SVCS CONSTRUCTION MKTS$5,038,733$2,230,693Yes1%1,100 + Construction Projects CompletedSE Multi Svcs Construction 11 10 2021
November 11, 20211111202102CALIFORNIAWIRELESS TECH SVCS PROVIDER$6,820,909$1,986,249Yes1%20 yrs with 29% Profits MarginsCA Wireless Svcs 11 11 2021
November 15, 20211115202101N CALIFORNIABENEFITS/ RISK MGT
$6,950,000$2,430,000Yes1%Focused on Large Global CompaniesNoCal Benefits Risk Mgt Sftware 11 14 2021
November 16, 20211116202101UPPER MIDWESTMED LAB TESTING SVCS$13,650,013$6,100,000Yes1%Full Range of Medical Testing ServicesMW Med Testing Svcs 11 16 2021
November 20, 20211120202101ARIZONA & NEW MEXICOLARGE RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR $41,463,820$4,420,798Yes15Large SW USA Market Demand for SvcsSW Elec Contractor 11 20 2021
November 21, 20211120212102INTERNATIONAL - ROMANIA HDQTRSGLOBAL IT SERVICES PROVIDER$3,965,835$1,414,287Yes1%Strong Short Term Growth HistoryInternational IT Services 11 18 2021
November 27, 20211127202101SE USALARGE PROFITABLE PRODUCE PROVIDER$72,235,083$17,533,000Yes1%Fully Integrated OperationsSE Large Produce Firm 11 27 2021

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