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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
April 23, 20180423201801MICHIGANMEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES$17,000,000$2,500,0001Yes1%Growing Medical Staffing Svcs CoMW Med Staffing 4 23 2018
April 24, 20180424201802TEXASELECTRONIC CONTRACT MFR.$28,000,000$4,275,000Yes1%Electronic Contract ManufacturerSW Elec Contract Mfr 4 24 2018
April 24, 20180424201802USAPATENTED ANIMAL GROOMING PRODUCTS$2,403,073$878,747Yes1% ADD ON: Patented Animal Grooming ProductsUS Animal Grooming Products 4 24 2018
April 29, 20180429201801SOUTH CAROLINATRUCKING/ LOGISTICS/ WAREHOUSING$33,050,195$4,568,901Yes1%Trucking/ Logistics & Warehousing ServicesSE Trucking logistics 4 29 2018
May 2, 20180502201801SE USASTREAMING TV NETWORK - FAITH & FAMILY$6,600,000$3,300,000Yes1%Streaming TV Network - Faith & FamilySE Streaming TV Channel 5 2 2018
May 23, 20180523201801MID ATLANTIC IT RECRUITING / STAFFING SPECIALIS$22,000,000$2,200,000Yes1%IT Recruiting / Staffing SpecialistMid Atltc IT Staffing Svcs 5 23 2018
May 23, 20180523201802FLORIDAPROFITABLE OB/GYN MEDICAL CLINIC$4,186,000$1,123,000Yes1%Highly Profitable OB / GYN Medical ClinicSE OBGYN Clinic 5 23 2018
May 24, 20180524201801MIDWEST USATELECOM: PLANNING/ DESIGN/ INTEGRATION$3,267,936$1,607,635Yes1%Telecom Services: Planning/ Design/ IntegrationMW Telecom Planner 5 24 2018
May 24, 20180524201802NEW YORK STATEDEMOLITION / RUN OFF SERVICES$8,600,000$2,200,000Yes1%Demolition & Run Off ServicesNE Demo and Rolloff 5 24 2018
May 28, 20180528201801MID WEST USACOMMERICAL / RETAIL LIGHTING MAINTENACE SVCS$36,688,875$1,456,817Yes1%Retail / Commercial Lighting MaintenaceMW Lighting Maintenance 5 28 2018
May 29, 20180529201801SW USAENERGY DEV - WIRELINE SERVICES$2,858,845$1,082,142Yes1%Various Wireline SvcsSW Wireline 5 29 2018
May 30, 20180530201801SOUTHERN CALIFORNIANICHE APPAREL MFR$18,620,000$3,000,000Yes1%Niche Mfr of ApparelSoCal Niche Apparel 5 30 2018
June 11, 20180611201801SOUTHEAST USAREGIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGIST LOCATIONS$5,500,000$3,300,00Yes1%Regional Ophthalmologist LocationsSE Opthomologist Locations 6 10 2018
June 11, 20180611201802SOUTHEAST USAHEALTHCARE CONSULTING FIRM$3,030,179$2,292,887Yes1%Healthcare Consulting ServicesSW Healthcare Consult 6 11 2018
June 12, 20180612201801NW USA BLUE GREEN ALGAE SUPPLIER$3,200,000$1,399,000Yes1%Blue Green Algae Ingredient SupplierNW Algae Supplier 6 11 2018
June 12, 20180612201802TEXAS USACORROSION COATINGS MFR $6,800,000$1,422,000Yes1%Corrosion Control Coatings SupplierSW Corrosion Control Supplier 6 11 2018
June 13, 20180613201801NEW YORK STATESPECIALTY PHARMACY$40,000,000$3,000,000Yes1%Growing Specialty PharmacyNE Specialty Pharmacy 6 13 2018
June 14, 20180614201801MINNESOTAPROPRIETARY AERO EQUIPT PRODUCTS MFR$9,000,000$1,600,000Yes1%Proprietary Aerospace Equipment MfrMW Aerospace Mfr 6 14 2018
June 16,20180616201801FLORIDAIT MGT / APP DEV/ MOBILE NETWORKS$6,500,000$2,000,000Yes1%IT Management and Development SvcsSE IT Services 6 16 2018

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