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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
March 4, 20180204201801SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAFROZEN FOOD PRODUCTS MFR$10,000,000$3,000,000Yes1%Frozen Foods MfrSoCal Froxen Food Mfr 3 4 2018
March 9, 20180309201801NORTHEAST USAPPM SOFTWARE & MOBILE AI APP DEVELOPER$2,257,923$1,086,051Yes1%Fast Growth PPM Software & Mobile AI App DeveloperNE Software Apps 3 9 2018
March 20, 20180320201801PENNSYLVANIALONG TERM CARE PHARMACY$14,300,000$1,250,000Yes1%Profitable: Long Term Care PharmacyNE Long Term Care Pharmacy 3 20 2018
March 20, 20180320201802NEW YORK STATEFDA CANCER PHARMA COMPANY$5,696,380$3,000,942Yes1%FDA Approved Cancer Prevention Pharma Co.NE Cancer 3 20 2018
March 22, 20180322201801FLORIDAPAVING/ ROADWAY CONTRACTOR$30,800,000$6,100,000Yes1%Premier Roadway/ Paving ContractorSE Paving Contractor 3 22 2018
March 29, 20180329201801SW USATELECOM SPECIALTY STAFFING SERVICES$7,100,000$700,000Yes1%Telecom Mkt Specialty Staffing SvcsSW Telecom Staffing 3 29 2018
March 29, 20180329201802FLORIDALEADING LANDSCAPING SVCS$10,300,000$3,200,000Yes1%Leading Landscaping Svcs ProviderSE Landscaper 3 28 2018
March 29, 20180329201803SW USAMULTI-TECH SECURITY SERVICES CO.$5,484,006$1,666,488Yes1%Tech Based Security Service ProviderSW Security Tech 3 29 2018
March 29, 20180329201804SO CALIFORNIACOMMERCIAL FARMLAND$3,000,000tbdYes1%Income Producing Commercial Farm LandSoCAL Comm Farm 3 29 2018
April 1, 20180401201801SW USAEDUCATION LEARNING ASSESSMENT SOFTWARE$4,500,000$1,600,000Yes1%Software: Education Learning AssessmentSW Edu Assessment 3 30 2018
April 1, 20180401201802SW USABRANDED MFR OF ANIMAL FEED$21,500,000$3,100,000Yes1%Mfr of Branded Animal FeedSW Animal Feed Mfr 3 30 2018
April 1, 20180401201803CANADADEALER OF LARGE FARMING EQUIPT$60,000,000$3,243,000Yes1%Large Farm Equipment DealerCAN Farm Equipt Dealer 3 30 2018
April 1, 20180401201804SOUTHERN CALIFORNIACOMMERCIAL FIRE SYSTEMS CONTRACTOR$6,000,000$1,500,000Yes1%Fire Systems ContractorSoCal Fire Systems Intall 4 1 2018
April 1, 20180401201805TEXASMAJOR SUB-FLOOR CONTRACTOR$23,500,000$6,000,000Yes1%Sub- Floor ContractorSW Sub Floor Contractor 4 1 2018
April 1, 20180401201806TEXASFULL SECURITY SVCS PROVIDER$5,147,000$1,259,000Yes1%Full Security Svcs ProviderSW Security Svcs 4 1 2018
April 4, 20180404201801MID-ATLANTIC USAMULTIPLE URGENT CARE CENTERS$6,500,000$1,300,000Yes1%Multiple Urgent Care CentersMidAtltc Urgent Care 4 4 2018. doc
April 10, 20180410201801N DAKOTA & TEXASOILFIELD EQUIPMENT RENTAL SERVICES$17,500,000$2,625,000Yes1%Oilfield Equipt Rental ServicesSW Oilfield Rentals 4 9 2018
April 13, 20180413201801PENNSYLVANIAKITCHEN & BATH PRODUCTS IMPORTER/ DISTRIBUTOR$12,163,000$4,036,000Yes1%Kitchen & Bath Products Distributor / Importer/ MfrNE Kitchen Bath Co 4 13 2018
April 13, 20180413201802OKLAHOMAHOME HEALTH & HOSPICE SERVICES$10,000,000$1,500,000Yes1%Home Health & Hospice ServicesSW Hospice Home Health 4 13 2018
April 14, 20180414201801GULF REGION USAOIL/GAS CONSTRUCTION SVCS$13,000,000$3,250,000Yes1%Profitable Oil/ Gas Construction SvcsSW Oil Gas Construction 4 14 2018
April 13 20140414201802PACIFIC NWNATURAL SPRING WATER PRODUCTS & REAL ESTATETBDTBDYes1%Premium Natural Spring Water Products & Real Estate NW Natural Water 4 14 2018
April 17, 20180417201801MICHIGANENVIRO COMPLIANCE SERVICES CO$10,000,000$1,600,000Yes1%Environmental Compliances ServicesMW Enviro Compliance 4 17 2018
April 18, 20180418201801TEXASOIL / GAS DRILLING SAFETY SERVICES$24,791,000$2,366,000Yes1%Oil/ Gas Drilling Safety ServicesSW Oil Gas Safety 4 18 2018
April 20, 2018042201801TEXASOIL WELL TESTING & FLOWBACK SVCS$30,000,000$10,000,000Yes1%Oil Well Testing & Flowback ServicesSW Oil Well Testing Flowback 4 20 2018
April 20, 20180420201802TEXASOILFIELD PRESSURE PUMPING SVCS$32,000,000$16,000,000Yes1%Oilfield Pressure Pumping SvcsSW Oilfileld Pressure Pumping Services 4 20 2018
April 23, 20180423201801MICHIGANMEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES$17,000,000$2,500,0001Yes1%Growing Medical Staffing Svcs CoMW Med Staffing 4 23 2018
April 24, 20180424201802TEXASELECTRONIC CONTRACT MFR.$28,000,000$4,275,000Yes1%Electronic Contract ManufacturerSW Elec Contract Mfr 4 24 2018
April 24, 20180424201802USAPATENTED ANIMAL GROOMING PRODUCTS$2,403,073$878,747Yes1% ADD ON: Patented Animal Grooming ProductsUS Animal Grooming Products 4 24 2018

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