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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
November 15, 20171115201701NE USAPRECISION STAMPING MFR.$8,600,000$1,200,000Yes1%Precision Stamping MfrNE Metal Stamper 11 15 2017
November 16, 20171116201701Florida USASPECIALTY RETAIL/ COMPOUND PHARMACY$47,000,000$1,500,000Yes1%Specialty Pharmacy: Retail & CompoundSE Pharmacy 11 16 2017
November 20, 20171120201701Texas USACLINICAL LAB$6,000,00$1,000,000Yes1%Clinical LaboratorySW Clinical Lab 11 20 2017
November 26, 20171126201701Ohio USAMETAL MACHINING - AEROSPACE/ DEFENSE$7,400,000$1,186,00Yes1%Precision Machiner - Aerospace/ DefenseMW Metal Machiner 11 26 2017
November 26, 20171126201702Midwest USAMANAGED SOFTWARE SUPPORT$1,813,329$917,717Yes1%Managed Software Support ServicesMW Software Support 11 26 2017
November 27, 20171127201701Northern CaliforniaPAIN MANAGEMENT CLINICS$11,818,060$4,805,457Yes1%Pain Management ClinicsNoCAL Pain Clinics 11 27 2017
November 27, 20171127201702USA, MidwestHIGHWAY ANCILLARY INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR$3,633,223$885,094Yes1%Highway DOT ContractorMW Highway Contractor 11 27 2017
December 1, 201711201201701Southern CaliforniaIT DATA STORAGE$11,200,000$2,349,312Yes1%Data Storage & Backup ServicesSoCal Data Storage 12 1 2017
December 1, 20171201201702WyomingCERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AGENCY$12,200,000$3,200,000Yes1%Certified Home Health AgencyIntrMtn Home Health Agency 12 1 2017
December 4, 20171204201702Pacific NorthwestAWARD WINNING WINERY200 AcresBuildingsYes1%Established Brands WineryNW Winery 12 4 2017
December 5, 20171204201701SE USAUTILITIES - WATER BACKFLOW SOFTWARE$1,100,000$734,000Yes1%Profitable: Water Utilities Backflow Prevention SoftwareSE Utilities Software 12 5 2017
December 5, 20171205201701Northeast USABIO-MEDICAL / OPTICAL MFR$10,400,000$3,100,000Yes1%Bio-Medical Optical Products MfrNE Bio Med 12 5 2017
December 8, 20171208201701SW USACOMMERCIAL FLOORING CONTRACTOR$36,000,000$3,000,000Yes1%Commercial Flooring ConstractorSW COMM FLOORING 12 8 2017
December 11, 20171211201701NE USACOMMERCIAL MOBILE AC POWER CONVERTER$13,500,000$2,560,000Yes1%Commercial Vehicle AC Power ConverterNE Mobile AC 12 11 2017
December 11, 20171211201702MOUNTAIN REGION USAEVENT: AUDIO VISUAL/ PRODUCTION$30,000,000$2,700,000Yes1%Event Production ServicesIntrMtn Audio Visual Event 12 11 2017
December 12, 20171212201701EASTERN USAFULL SERVICE LANDSCAPER$26,194,387$1,887,993Yes1%Large Full Services LandscaperE Landscaper 12 12 2017
January 5, 20180105201801PACIFIC NWMECHANICAL / HVAC CONTRACTOR$27,465,758$3,870,588Yes1%Mechanical/ HVAC ContractorNW HVAC Contractor 1 4 2018

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