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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
August 17, 2019817201901NEW JERSEYINDUSTRIAL PAINT & COATINGS MFR$10,225,000$3,500,000Yes1%Manufacturer of Industrial Paints & CoatingsNE Paint Coatings Mfr 8 17 2019
August 17, 2019817201902TEXASOIL & GAS ENVIRO SERVICES$24,000,000$6,200,000Yes1%Oilfield & Industrial Environmental SvcsSE Oilfield Enviro 8 17 2019
August 18, 2019818201901WEST USAGATE SYSTEMS: DESIGNER / INSTALL/ SERVICES$8,500,000$2,800,000Yes1%Gate Systems Designer/ Installer/ ServicesW Gate Systems Svcs 8 18 2019
August 21, 2019821201901CALIFORNIAINDUSTRIAL PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS PROVIDER$8,200,000$1,700,000Yes1%Process Controls Systems IntegratorCA Industrial Controls 8 20 2019
August 21, 2019821201902USAINSURANCE PREMIUM AUDIT SVCS$6,300,000$1,200,000Yes1%Insurance Premiums Auditing SvcsSE Insurance Audit 8 20 2019
August 23, 2019823201901CALIFORNIACONTRACT MFR: PCB'S $20,500,000$4,100,000Yes1%Contract Mfr: PCB'sCA PCB MFR 8 22 2019
September 1, 2019901201901SOUTHERN USAMFR BRANDED ANIMAL FEED$29,000,000$2,800,000Yes1%Branded Animal Feed MfrS Branded Animal Feed 8 31 2019
September 1, 2019901201902NEW ENGLANDFORESTRY CONGLOMERATE$27,300,000$5,800,000Yes1%Diversified Forestry Products/ ServicesNE FORESTRY MFR 8 31 2019
September 17, 2019917201901NORTH CAROLINAIT - MICROSOFT SVCS PROVIDER$6,620,154$2,228,606Yes1%MicroSoft IT Services ProviderSE Microsoft Svcs 9 16 2019
September 17, 2019917201902WESTERN NY STATEELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR$11,909,219$3,861,646Yes1%Non Union Electrical ContractorNE Elec Contractor 9 17 2019
September 20, 2019920201901CALIFORNIANURSE STAFFING SVCS$12,000,000$1,700,000Yes1%Nurse Staffing ServicesCA Nurse Staffing 9 19 2019
September 30, 2019930201901ARIZONAENERGY / GOVERNMENT LANDSCAPING SVCS$6,700,000$1,820,000Yes1%Gov and Energy Customers Landscaping svcsSW Energy Landscaping Svcs 9 30 2019
October 6, 20191006201901MISSOURI MFR of MANUFACTURING EQUIPT$4,576,000$1,136,819Yes1%Manufacturer of Manufacturing EquiptMW Mfr of Manufacturing Equipt 10 6 2019
October 13, 20191013201901NEW YORKWHOLESALER OF PRODUCE$25,371,706$2,250,180Yes1%Leading Wholesaler of Fresh ProduceNE Produce Wholesaler 10 11 2019
October 13, 20191013 201902SOUTH CAROLINANATIONAL: TRUCKING / LOGISTICS/ WAREHOUSING$33,050,195$4,568,901Yes1%National Trucking/ logistics/ warehousing servicesSE Trucking Logistics 10 13 2019
October 13, 20191013201903ILLINOISEARLY EDUCATION READING CURRICULUM PROVIDER$4,052,510$2,562,636Yes1%Early Educational Reading Curriculum ProviderMW Early Edu Cirriculum 10 13 2019

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