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Business Buyer Directory, LLC refers established companies for sale, with GREATER THAN $1MM of EBITDA, for a nominal, buyer paid, “success only” referral fee. We maintain the largest database of pre-qualified business buyers within the M&A industry. We welcome new business buyers for no cost or obligation.

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Post Date Listing Number Location ProfileAnnual Rev ($MM's)Adj Cashflow ($MM's) Seller Rep Success Only Fee Description Company Teaser
December 8, 20211208202101SOUTHEAST USAPRINT / DIRECT MAIL SERIVES$23,000,000$1,870,000Yes1%Full Marketing Svcs ProviderSE Direct Mail 12 8 2021
December 12, 20211212202101NORTHEAST USANEW TECH FIBER OPTIC TECHNOLOGY$6,000,000$1,200,000Yes1%Multiple New Optic Fiber Patents to LeverageNE Fiber Mfr 12 12 2021
December 25, 20211225202101SOUTHEAST USADIST / TRANS/ LOGISTICS SERVICES$13,375,560$2,100,256Yes1%(5) Operating DivisionsSE Logistics Svcs 12 25 2021
December 25, 20211225202102MIDWEST USACOMM / SPECIALTY MKTS CONTRACTOR$11,839,078$2,611,808Yes1%Leading "Niche" Contracting Services ProviderMW Specialty Contractor 12 25 2021
December 25, 20211225202103EASTERN USAPROFTIABLE METALS RECYCLER$6,200,000$3,500,000Yes1%Owner Will Stay (2) YearsE Metals Recycler 12 25 2021
December 26, 20211226202101NORTHEAST USACASH/ CARRY PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTOR$90,000,000$5,500,000Yes1%800+ Wholesale CustomersNE Cash and Carry DIST 12 27 2021
January 7, 20220107202201SOUTHEAST USADIGITAL PHARMACY$234,000,000$10,109,000Yes1%State of the Art Model capturing Mkt ShareSE Digital Pharmacy 1 7 2022
January 7, 20220107202202NORTHEAST USASURFACES PRINTING CONTRACTOR$7,300,000$1,300,000Yes1%Services for Consumer ProductsNE Surfaces Printing 1 7 2022
January 9, 20220109202201UPPER MIDWEST USALONG HAUL TRANSPORT SVCS$25,706,310$7,003,135Yes1%100 Trucks and RelocatableMW Long Haul Transport 1 9 2022
January 10, 20220110202201NEW ENGLAND USAREGIONAL TREE SVCS$13,000,000$2,100,000Yes1%Big Consistent GrowthNE Tree Svcs 1 10 2022
January 13, 20220113202201NORTHERN CALSHEET METAL & PRECISION MACHINING$7,823,000$1,930,000Yes1%Tech & Med Product OEM CustomersNoCal Sheet Metal Machiner 1 13 2022
January 14, 20210114202201FLORIDACONST ENGINEERING SERVICES$5,038,733$2,230,693Yes1%(18) Years of Svcs with 11,000 local ContactsSE Const Svcs 1 14 2022
January 14, 20220114202202SE USASTEEL FAB & DIST$20,000,000$2,200,000Yes1%1,000 + CustomersSE Metals Fab Dist 1 14 2022
January 17 20220117202201SE USAWAREHOUSING & TRANS SERVICESTBD$24,000,000Yes1%Seeks Minority Equity PartnerSE Warehousing Transport Svcs 1 17 2022
January 21, 20220122202201CENTRAL USAPROFITABLE OILFIELD SVCS TBD$4,105,000Yes1%New Services Improve ProfitabilityMW Oilfield Svcs 1 21 2022
January 26, 20200126202201MID WEST USAHIGH GROWTH LUMBER PROVIDER$22,500,000$2,200,000Yes1%Great Growth PotentialMW LUMBER PROVIDER 1 26 2022

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